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107-2學期離宿暨暑宿開宿公告 107-2 Semester Check-out and Summer Dorm Check-in

107-2 Semester Check-out:
Before noon on June 22nd, 2019, completely move out.
2019 Summer dorm Check-in:
After 14:00 on June 22nd, 2019, start to move in.
Those who didn't apply for summer dorm neither 108-1 semester. Please ask dorm leaders or administrators to check-out by rules before deadline. Otherwise, you may lost your deposit. 
Those who didn't apply for summer dorm, but apply for 108-1 semester. Please pack your luggage to your closet. Precious things must be taken away when you leave. Haishan dormitory is NOT responsible for keeping residents' luggage.
Between summer dorm, Haishan dorm would check for room randomly. Anyone who lives in dorm without paying money has to recompense for fee and moving out from dorm. Please helping to expose it to keep a fair dormitory.


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