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新北宿舍住宿生門禁設定 Granting student ID card's access


新北宿舍住宿生於領到學生證後,務必於管理員上班時間攜帶學生證向管理員做門禁設定。 進出校門及宿舍須持本人有效學生證感應方可出入,未進行門禁設定者及非持本人學生證者,將不予進出。

Residents’ Student ID Cards
Logging on Haishan Dorm Access System

Residents of Haishan Dormitory please come to dorm manager in office time with your Student ID Card to log on Haishan Dorm Access System. When you pass gates of school and dormitory, be sure to sense your own approved Student ID Card. Residents whose Student ID Card does not log on dorm access system and who is not with his own Student ID Card are not allowed to enter.
Before you got your Student ID Card, please pass school gate with your passport, ARC, VISA or copies of those. The guard will check your identity, or you can't enter.
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