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空床位清查 Spare Bed Inspection


一、 為避免同學未經許可入住,也為保障現有住宿生權益,管理室將於每學期進行不定時抽查預備(空)床位,並請勿堆置雜物在預備(空)床位。
二、 若查獲同學未經許可入住或堆置雜物等違規行為,依校規議處。

Spare Bed Inspection

1. To prevent students who do not belong to Haishan Dormitory from living in and to protect residents’ rights and interests, dorm manager will check and inspect spare beds unexpectedly. Please do not use and put things on spare beds.
2. Students who do not belong to Haishan Dorm live in and residents who use spare beds or put things on spare beds will be sent to Military Office and punished according to school regulations.
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