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109-1學期 南港宿舍入宿通知 Move-in Notice for 109-1 semester Nangang Dormitory

When you move in Nangang Dorm, please remember to use your Student ID Card to enter the door of dorm.
(If you don't have student ID card, please bring an EASYCARD or iPASS to dorm office at 5th floor to setting it)

Date to move in

2020/09/05(六) ~ 2020/09/18(五)
2020/09/21(一) ~ 2020/09/25(五)

Time to move in

10:00 ~ 17:00

Where to take your key

Nangang Dorm Office at 5th floor (left side after go out from the elevator)

入宿路線 How to enter Nangang Dorm:
入宿及離宿辦理 Guide for Check in and out
1. 宿舍內禁止留宿非住宿生、禁止吸菸、禁止裝設高耗電量設備(如冰箱、電鍋、電磁爐、暖氣機等)
    Do NOT left any people without permission. Do NOT smoking in dorm & campus.
    Do NOT using any equipment with high power consumption (such as refrigerator, electric cooker, heater).
2. 樓梯只有緊急避難與入離宿時才可使用,北科大住宿生平時請搭電梯。(二至四樓為男生宿舍,請勿進入)
    Stairs are only for emergency and move-in/out . Please use the elevator. (2~4F are male’s dorm, do NOT enter)
3. 早上06:30左右,宿舍會播放高中部的起床號。
    Nangang Dorm will have a alarm rings at 6:30 AM for high school students.
If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you.
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