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國立臺北科技大學新北宿舍 NTUT Haishan Dormitory
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入宿及離宿須知 Guide for Check in and out

1. 向管理員或工讀生核對身分、床位並簽到及填寫個人資料。
2. 領用房門、抽屜、衣櫃鑰匙並確認寢室財物,如冷氣遙控、椅子、桌燈。
3. 繳交學生證登錄門禁系統。
4. 於開學第一週內繳交宿舍申請書(務必填寫完整)及中華郵政存摺帳戶影本(退保證金用),否則取消住宿權。
5. 隨時注意並了解宿舍公告與規定。

Guide for Check in

1. Come to dorm manager or leaders to check your identity, bed number and fill in personal information and sign name.
2. Get the keys of door, drawers and closet and check the properties of your room, such as air-conditioner remote control, light, chair.
3. Submit Student ID Card for logging on access system.
4. Submit dorm application form (finish completely) and Bankbook of Chungwa Post (for returning guarantee money) within the first week of the semester. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from dorm.
5. Pay attention to dorm regulations and announcements anytime.


1. 整理、打掃寢室;清空桌面、床面、抽屜、衣櫃。
2. 房門鑰匙交還管理員或幹部,抽屜、衣櫃鑰匙插在鑰匙孔,冷氣遙控置於寢室內遙控架,椅子整齊置於書桌前。
3. 宿舍借用財物歸還,如有宿舍財物損失,須賠償。
4. 完成上述項目並請管理員或幹部檢查通過後始可離宿,未依規定離宿者將通報學校,扣留保證金。
5. 離宿後仍有私人物品置於宿舍,將以廢棄物處理。

Guide for Check out

1. Clean your room; nothing on desk and bed, nothing in drawers and closets.
2. Return the door key to dorm manager or leaders, put the keys of drawers and closet on the key holes, put remote control of air-conditioner on the shelf, put chair in front of the desk.
3. Return dorm properties. Pay for lost of dorm properties, if any.
4. Ask dorm manager or leaders to check the above items when you finish them, and then you could leave. Whoever does not check out by rules will be sent to NTUT and his guarantee money will be withheld (no return).
5. Any personal properties left in dorm after checking out will be dumped as garbage.

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