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國立臺北科技大學新北宿舍 NTUT Haishan Dormitory
Category List
晒衣場、行李區 Drying Area, Luggage Area
Drying Area and Luggage Area on 5F

Laundry Area
Washing Machine: NT$10, 1 time.
Clothes Dryer: NT$10, 30minites.

1. 晒衣架受重有限,僅供晒衣使用,請勿攀爬。
2. 請自備晒衣用三角架。
3. 晒衣前請先將衣物脫水,勿滴水,保持晒衣間乾燥。
4. 請用晒衣桿吊掛,晒衣桿用畢歸回原處。
5. 衣物晒乾後請盡速取回,勿將晒衣間當衣櫃。

Regulation of Clothe Drying Area
1. Clothe Bar can’t burden heavy things, only for drying clothes, no climbing.
2. Preparing hangers by yourself.
3. Spin drying the excessive water before hanging, no dropping water, keep this area dry.
4. Use rod to hang and put the rod back where it should be after using.
5. Please get your clothes back while they are dry, do not take this area as your closet.


Luggage Area
This area is for saving non-important stuff. Haishan dormitory is not responsible for keeping. Please note your room number, bed number and name on your stuff then put in order.