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國立臺北科技大學新北宿舍 NTUT Haishan Dormitory
Category List
管理室 Administration Room
Address:No. 241, Sec.1, Xuefu Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan
Working Time: Mon. to Fri., announced on the door of Administration Room. (Other period, please consult with dorm leader, announced on the bulletin board in dorm.)

1. 除本宿舍地址外,包裹上須註明"北科大新北宿舍"及收件者的房號、床號、姓名。
2. 掛號郵件請親攜帶身分證件自至管理室簽收。
3. 一般信件請至交誼廳內各寢室信箱領取。
4. 貨到付款郵件一律不收。
5. 郵寄行李及大型或過重郵件請自行至新北高工總務處簽收領取(須配合總務處上班時間,非上班時間無法簽收領取)。

Notes for Mail
1. In addition to address, write "NTUT Haishan Dorm" and receiver's name, room and bed number on the mail.
2. For registered mail, please bring your Student ID Card to manager or dorm leaders to sign and get.
3. For normal mail, please get it in the mail box of your room.
4. No deliver-on-cash parcel. It is sure to be returned.
5. Get your mailing luggage, large or heavy package in Office of General Affairs of New Taipei Industrial Vocational High School in the office time by yourself. (It's not open in non-office time.)